Tips to make your landing page perform better

A good landing page is an absolute if you want to get positive leads and a high conversion rate for your PPC campaign. A poor landing page can easily lead to a higher bounce rate which means that both time and money have been wasted on your paid campaign. The point of diverting visitors to the specific landing page is to entice them make the transition from there to the website. This makes it easy for the visitors to search for the product or service on the website. For example, if someone is looking for waterproof makeup – instead of taking them to the home page of a website which contains varieties of cosmetics and skin care products, it shows the list of all pages that contain the products specific to the searched query. A good landing page also helps to keep customers involved and engaged with the page, which in turn leads to a higher conversion and lower bounce rate.

A website can have any number of landing pages depending on the products or services listed on it. Sometimes a landing page is specially created for the PPC campaign for any targeted keywords. This means that it’s vital to create an effective landing page that is both relevant enough to the searched query and persuasive enough for customers to take action. Here are some of the tips that can help web designers and website owners to create better landing pages.

  • Test, test and test again.
  • Design it like a Billboard.
  • Know your audience.
  • Send people to the relevant page.
  • Keep it simple and uncluttered.
  • Highlight you products USP.
  • Design separate landing pages for different types of keywords.
  • Use graphics wisely.
  • Don’t exaggerate.
  • Do not over SEO.
  • Set 7 second rule.
  • Reduce exit points.
  • Use analytics.
  • Highlight call to action button.
  • Vary your font size to spell out the message.
  • Keep your descriptions short. Points are better than paragraphs.
  • Display testimonials and positive reviews.
  • Avoid cross selling.
  • Avoid advertising.
  • Avoid too many questions.
  • Display trust mark.
  • Say, “Thank You”.

Be sure to feature the unique benefits that customers will enjoy when buying from your site. You can also place a friendly reminder to subscribe for the product newsletter and any offers. While designing the landing page for any website always remember “less is more”. At adoncreative, we place the emphasis on creating a user friendly web experience by developing web design and e commerce web design that stands out amidst the clutter.

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