The Subscriber seriously understands and complies with the fact that: his usage of the service is at his own risk. The service is provided on the condition that is available.

ADONcreative.com particularly disclaims all warranties of any kind, whether thorough or implied, inclusive of, but not restricted to warranties of shipment, fitting a situation and/or non-infringement. ADONcreative.com makes no warranty that

  • The service will meet the Subscriber’s needs,
  • The service will be regulated, perfect or continuous.
  • The results acquired from the use of the service will be accurate or reliable,
  • The superficial quality of any of the services or material purchased or acquired by the Subscriber will meet his expectations, and
  • Any anomalies in the software will be corrected. Any information downloaded or in any way acquired through the use of the Service is done at the Subscriber’s sole discretion and that he will be the sole responsible element for any errors in his computer system or loss of information that results from such a process. No advice or meted out words will be liable of any warranty application if not stated so in the terms of use.

Accessibility of the Subscriber

The access to ADONcreative.com Service will be regular and continuous 24/7, if not for necessary breakages of the Service to update, maintain or escalate the quality of the service or for any other work that ADONcreative.com would wish to launch in order to improve the dedicated service.

ADONcreative.com will not be held liable to penalty for such interruptions.

Moreover, ADONcreative.com does not give any insurance that the service will meet what the Subscriber desires to ideally possess.

ADONcreative.com will have the authority to fractionally or wholly suspend the service, without prior notice, in case of any untoward event, on its will, or for due processes of maintenance or in the case of a shutdown. These breakages will not provide right to claim monetary compensation. ADONcreative.com will provide information of the interruptions within a given period of time.

Never, can ADONcreative.com be held responsible for the loss of information or/and data stored in the system. Generally, and within the limits of legal issues ADONcreative.com will not be held responsible for any damage, originating from any which because, of which the subscriber has to bear witness to, during his usage of the services.

We also want to remind you that ADONcreative.com can obliterate or change the characteristics of its Services at any given time, and without any prior notice.

Irregularities of the Internet

The Subscriber is to be informed of the fickle characteristic of the net and its accessorized undependability. Hence ADONcreative.com will not be held responsible for any anomaly in the service provided due to the constraints or the technical penury of the net in general, nor can it be held to offence during a certain breakdown due to the irregular activity of the net.

The Subscriber accepts the fact that any free or unregulated information circulating the web can be of third-party elements or may be rigged (contain viruses or phishing elements that allow free or unobstructed access to your portal). Damage caused to the services or to the system from such unregulated thirds is the sole responsibility of the Subscriber and ADONcreative.com is not to be held liable in any such case.


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