Making fun of Google’s email service

Here is something to lighten up those eyes that have been fixed to the monitor for hours. It seems the Google vs. Microsoft war is gearing for a new height. The story was pickup by — Salvador Rodriguez,  an LATimes writer.

“A video making fun of Google’s email service, Gmail, has been posted online, and it appears it could have been produced by one of the search giant’s major rivals — Microsoft.

The video, which features a character called Gmail Man, was leaked by an attendant of Microsoft’s internal Microsoft Global Exchange sales conference, according to the website , which reported about it and posted it on YouTube on Thursday.

Throughout the video, Gmail Man goes through people’s emails “just skimming,” as he says, for keywords in order to target advertising to users. Fictional users of the service question the ethics of his actions, asking whether it’s wrong to go through people’s private messages, to which he replies, “Who cares?”

“Well, sometimes when a person really loves their Gmail very, very much, the two get together,” Gmail Man says at one point, “and an ad is born.”

Full article here!


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