Web Vulnerabilities, Threats and Risks – Important Things YOu Should Know

This is a repost. Original article can be read at They say the Web is a dangerous place. We hear the news stories and read the headlines about web security breaches on a seemingly daily basis. The most commonly-used words to describe what’s happening are web vulnerabilities, threats and risks. But what exactly do these words mean? Even though the words web vulnerability, web threat  and web risk are often used interchangeably, technically, they are different. Regardless of what you hear and read about web security, here’s what you need to know to keep things straight: Web Threat – this is an … Read more »

Shadow Layers, and learning by failing

Here is an article from Chris Lord. FireFox Developer. A hot topic for Firefox at the moment is the new out-of-process rendering, but is it common knowledge that this has already been in Firefox Mobile for a long time? For mobile, there\’s what we call a \’chrome\’ process (this processes and renders the main UI) and then \’content\’ processes, which handle the rendering of the pages in your tabs. There are lots of fun and tricky issues when you choose to do things like this, mostly centering around synchronisation – and recently, I was trying to add a feature that\’s … Read more »

New features in Firefox Aurora give users and developers more control

The new features in Firefox Aurora give users and Web developers more control over their browsing and development environments while improving overall performance. Features include: Data Management Window is an experimental feature that provides control over the the access that specific websites have to your browsing data, including cookies, passwords and location information. To start testing this feature type “about:permissions” in the Awesome Bar (URL Bar). Add-ons Manager with Plugin Check quickly verifies the compatibility of installed plugins directly from the Add-Ons Manager. Panorama Groups on Demand improves browser startup time and overall experience by allowing power Panorama users to … Read more »

Making fun of Google\’s email service

Here is something to lighten up those eyes that have been fixed to the monitor for hours. It seems the Google vs. Microsoft war is gearing for a new height. The story was pickup by — Salvador Rodriguez,  an LATimes writer. \”A video making fun of Google\’s email service, Gmail, has been posted online, and it appears it could have been produced by one of the search giant\’s major rivals — Microsoft. The video, which features a character called Gmail Man, was leaked by an attendant of Microsoft\’s internal Microsoft Global Exchange sales conference, according to the website, which … Read more »

Tips to make your landing page perform better

A good landing page is an absolute if you want to get positive leads and a high conversion rate for your PPC campaign. A poor landing page can easily lead to a higher bounce rate which means that both time and money have been wasted on your paid campaign. The point of diverting visitors to the specific landing page is to entice them make the transition from there to the website. This makes it easy for the visitors to search for the product or service on the website. For example, if someone is looking for waterproof makeup – instead of … Read more »


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