Monthly Archives: October 2012

AAR Protect

WP Template integration with some jQuery

Mineola Smiles

WordPress template integration with some custom jQuery. Has a random banner in innerpage.


Description coming soon


A YII template that has subscription functionality..


A 3 columned WordPress Layout that has a rotating banner on front page. The template is SEO friendly.

A WordPress Template that was rebuilt from an existing site. It has it\’s own payment functionality and a unique featured image for each page

A WordPress Template that have a simple layout having a editable banner and contact form on front page.

Integrated WordPress install with a local server\’s ActiveDirectory setup.

A simple, responsive, 3 columned, HTML5 WordPress Template.

A WordPress Template that has a complex functionality where you can download and rate free templates and themes. The Home Page has a most popular templates where you can have a first look at the template by simply hovering through the images.